6 Ways to Woo your Visitors Through Social Media

One of our many services we provide here at Idyllwild Advertising, is managing our clients Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.  Social Media is here to stay folks. More and more traffic is going to be coming to you from these platforms than any form of advertising.  The “Old School” ways of advertising are becoming increasingly more difficult to capture customer leads and sales.  This is where the industry experts like us come in.  Are you ready to catch these leads coming in from your Social Media Campaigns?  Here at Idyllwild Advertising we will make sure you are, and will make sure you understand the ‘Science’ behind posting your content.

When it comes to the content, I am referring to a company blog, a post on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, a picture on Instagram, or a Pin on Pinterest.  You need to have ‘engaging’ and fresh content that will connect with your followers and also attract new ‘Likes’ and followers.  In today’s online selling world, having a website isn’t enough.  Slapping a website together and offering a few ‘Paid Products’ or services doesn’t ensure that you will make money.  Even if your offering is superb, there is still no guarantee that you will generate any income.

Give the VAST number of sites on the web, you will most certainly have competitors. You need to separate yourself from the crowd and the competition to woo your visitors and win them over.  How are you going to do this?  By coming up with new, fresh, funny and creative content. Then by knowing at what time is the best time to post this content. 

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Some of the most popular sites on the web are social sites, so learn how to use them like a Rock Star! Here are 6 ways to woo your visitors through social media.

  1. Timing is EVERYTHINGGGGG- The best time to tweet is typically at noon and 6 p.m. The best time to share an update on Facebook is usually on Saturdays at noon.  Most employers won’t allow their employees to be on Facebook or Twitter while they are work.  So, the first thing they do when they get off work is jump on Facebook and Twitter Follow this Infographic from KISSmetrics to get the most engagement.
  2. Show your personal side- One thing that we take pride in here at Idyllwild, is our ‘Personal’ touch we like to have with all of our clients.  People and your audience desperately want to get to know you and interact with you.  Even if you have a company, they want to know more about the people BEHIND the company.  Sharing personal images of status updates is a great way to build a relationship with your followers.
  3. Don’t be a bot- The biggest mistake I see people make on their social profiles is that they act like bots. They never respond to messages or comments. To get the most out of your social profiles, engage with your followers and fans.
  4. Focus your efforts- It’s impossible for you to be on ever social site. Pick the ones that matter to you and your visitors the most, and focus your energy on them.
  5. Focus on quality, not quanity- Don’t let your Ego get in the way. It’s not about how many followers or friends you have. It’s about how many engaged followers and friends you have. Focus on building a relevant audience as this will drive you more traffic.
  6. Define your purpose- Through your bio or About section on your social profiles, you can talk about your social goals. Let people know in what way you are going to help them.

With some hard work, you too can woo your visitors and win them over.  You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to do it. All you have to do is work hard and really care about your visitors.  How else can you woo your visitors and win them over?

New Google My Business Platform

This is a pretty exciting stuff.  Google FINALLY rolled out the new Google My Business platform.  From Internet marketing industry folks like myself, this update has been long speculated and very much appreciated. Several experts have provided excellent coverage already (thanks, DannySullivan and Mike Blumenthal).

Exact Instructions For 100% Completion:

The greatest update for small business owners is the Business Information Progress Bar. Most of us in the Local SEO niche know exactly what to fill out, but the majority of business owners have no idea how to properly optimize their listing.

Google knew that this was a huge point of confusion, so they added the new Progress Bar and included detailed call-outs to help business owners complete their profiles. All you have to do is mouse over the progress bar, and your specific action items are displayed below in the graphic.

             The Google My Business update is the biggest merchant-facing update Google has ever released for local businesses.  It’s the first time we’ve had a single, forward-facing brand business owners in several years, and Google has worked hard to clear up the massive confusion that was felt in the past.

This is a big, huge change.  Google is trying to streamline and make more coherent the process of managing local business data, reviews and social interactions across it’s many sites.  Google calls it “a free and easy way to find and connect with your people, wherever you are” The company says that existing Google Places and Google+ Pages users will be “automatically upgraded to Google My Business.” Google offers FAQs about the new approach and its features, which all seem to have pre-existed. Simplification is the upgrade here. In many ways this is the integrated product suite anticipated by a 2012 Wall Street Journal article asserting that Google was trying to consolidate and simplify several local-SMB marketing products under a single banner.

Here’s a video from Google on the change: Google My Business: A Visual Tour Of Google’s New Tool For Local Businesses & Brands.

Optimize Your Website For Search:

When building a great business website, keep in mind that many potential customers won’t see your work if they can’t find it. Optimizing your website for search should go hand-in-hand with building an effective website.  Our team at Idyllwild Advertising can help you build and optimize your website.  Contact us today at 801-733-8400 for a chance to review your Internet marketing needs.





10 Job Searching Tips for Recent College Grads

Since everyone else is doing it, we thought we would throw out some of our advice to all those college grads out there who are anxiously searching for their first real job. The job search can be scary and the hiring process for businesses even more so.

Whether you’re an aspiring graphic designer looking to get into web design, or a recent grad looking to get into ad production, these ten tips will help you succeed in your new workplace.

1) Be on time. It may seem silly, how come my manager rolls in an hour late every day? When you’re the new guy, being on time is important. It shows that you take the job seriously and that you are ready to work hard.

2) Show up to all of your job interviews on time. This may sound crazy, but people actually don’t do this. They show up way too early or late. Walk in on time or five minutes before the interview unless told otherwise. If you don’t know how to get there or if you think there could be traffic, leave early.

3) Keep some aspects of your personal life personal. Sometimes employees share a lot about their personal life, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But certain parts of your life don’t need to come up in front of your boss. Remember that even when you are having a casual conversation, you are still at work.

4) Clean up your Facebook page and other social media profiles. Yep, potential employers are looking you up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Even if your profile is set to private, they can still see that profile picture of you partying a little too hard with your friends. As a graduation gift to yourself, swap out the pictures of your “glory days” with a picture that you would feel comfortable showing someone in an interview.

5) Write it down. Nothing is more frustrating for a boss or employee than having to repeat themselves four or five times because you didn’t write down the ad sizes or all of the information that needs to be included on a landing page. Take notes when you are learning a new project even when it’s not something you will be working on. The more you know about the clients and the services your company provides, the better.

6) Observe in client meetings. It’s great to ask questions and contribute to the conversation, but most likely those questions have already been addressed in previous meetings. Instead, take notes and get to know the client and the project they are working on. Write down any questions you have during the meeting and bring them up with your boss or supervisor afterwards. This keeps the meeting going instead of wasting time backtracking to answer questions.

7)  Be confident, not cocky. There’s definitely a fine line between the two. Be confident in your abilities that you have spent the last four plus years in college developing, but not cocky thinking you already know everything there is to know about the company.

8. Respect your coworkers and your boss. When someone is explaining something to you or talking to you, even in a lunch setting, keep the phone tucked away and listen to what they are saying. Always respect every coworkers’ personal boundaries and keep your relationships with them in the workplace professional.

9)  Leave work drama at work. It’s never a good idea to post things about frustrating clients or a fight with your boss. Even if you don’t mention them by name, it can still get back to them. In general, it’s a good rule to keep your work life separate from your personal life on social media.

10)  Work hard every day and learn everything you can. This is your first step in the career of your choice. Your first job will help you determine your strengths, help you acquire new skills, and establish which parts of your career that are most enjoyable to you.

Congratulations to all of the 2014 college grads out there and good luck on the job search! If you want to know more about a career in internet marketing, social media, or web development, contact us today.

Twitter’s New Layout

Have you seen the new Twitter layout? Did you know that Twitter has a new layout? Social media sites are always changing the look and feel of their sites and Twitter is no exception. Over the years, Twitter has made the shift to become more visual by allowing more images showing up in the home feed and larger creative.

What you need to know:

Twitter’s new header photo is 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels high. The larger header image makes the new layout look very similar Facebook’s timeline layout. The profile photo is 400X400.

Twitter now highlights your most popular tweets by making them slightly larger making your most exciting tweets larger.

Twitter now gives you the option to pin tweets to the top of your page.

The background image is no longer needed. You will still see your old background when you log in, but it does not appear on your page, therefore no one else will ever see it.

Basically, the new layout looks very similar to the Facebook timeline cover photo. Need help updating your Twitter profile? Contact us today and ask about our social media services.


Directory Management: What do People Say About Your Brand?

Directory management can be a headache for businesses. I don’t blame them. Who wants to hear that their restaurant is “the worst place ever” or that they waited for over an hour for their doctor’s appointment. But like social media, online reputation management is also an important component of your online presence and your online marketing strategy. It’s important to remember that these reviews aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you need to learn how to respond to them.

Here are a few questions/concerns that we have heard from our clients with some answers:

I found a negative review on one of my directories, how do I delete it? The truth is you can’t. Even if you file a complaint, go through the motions, spend hours on the phone, all of the directories will NOT remove a review unless it is using crude language, hate speech, or violates any of the directory’s guidelines. We had a client that received a negative review about a service that they didn’t even offer at their medical center. Yelp still would not remove this review. What you CAN do is reply letting the user know (nicely) that your center does not offer that service, so they must have confused your business with another similar business.  Best case scenario, the user changes/removes the review. Worst case scenario, they never respond or insist that it was your center, but at least the comment from the business owner is there.

Why should I respond to negative reviews? It’s hard to want to give someone the time of day after they knocked down your rating with their bad review, but it’s still important to respond. Apologize even when you don’t feel that you are at fault. Offer a gift card to someone who didn’t like her spa treatment. Thank them for voicing their concerns and let them know that you will consider their criticism/suggestions. Remember that even if that reviewer does not respond, other users checking for reviews will see it.

Why should I read the negative reviews about my business? If your reviewers are consistently complaining about a waitress that is always on her phone or flirting with the cooks, then maybe you should have a talk with this waitress or keep an eye on her during her shift to see if these allegations are true. When you take time to read bad reviews, you can fix the problem before someone else has the same experience and leaves another bad review.

Directory management is a tricky business, especially for a business owner. That’s why we handle responding to reviews, so as a third party we can draft a response that will address the reviewer’s concerns that the business owner agrees with. If you want help with your company’s online reputation management, contact us today!