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Facebook Timeline History

As we all know Facebook has had all business pages switch over to the new Timeline layout, in doing so you have the option of sharing your company’s history with all of your fans. You may be thinking that the Timeline is a bad idea, but I am going to tell you why sharing your history can be one of the best things for your Facebook page.

The great thing about a company’s history is it can never be changed. You can list your milestones, including founding dates, product launches, location openings, awards and events; complete with photos, to educate customers, personalize your business and increase your brand messaging. All these things will help your customers get to know your business better and help them to form a connection with you. The stronger the connection, the more likely they are to purchase from you again.

So the advice I would give about the Facebook Timeline is, whether you like it or not, embrace it. Allow your company to stand out; list every accomplishment for everyone to see. Show your fans how great your company is and how far you have come. Don’t be afraid to let them know that you wouldn’t be here without them.

The Timeline is here to stay, make sure everyone knows your company is as well!

-Shaudai Short, Social Media and Directory Management

Facebook’s New Ad Copy Character Limit

Starting this month, Facebook is enforcing the new Facebook ad copy character limit. The body of the ad copy now allows for 90 characters instead of the 135 characters it used to offer. However, the title character limit of 25 is staying the same.

Many people are speculating why this change was made. Most conclude that it was made to help Facebook’s ever growing demand for more ad space (the shorter ads, the more that will fit on the page).

Either way, the new character limit should change your Facebook ad strategy to one that is creative and more concise. It will also make your landing pages even more important.

If you need help making your Facebook ads meet the new guidelines, please contact us at 801-733-8400. We would love to help.

-Hannah Halstrom, Project Manager/Copywriter