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Facebook Acquires

Its official Facebook has acquired What is you ask? In a nutshell, is facial recognition software.  You scan your photo and then you can search faces that look like you and your friends. Then you can find untagged photos and share and tag them.

Currently, there are two Facebook applications:

  1. Photo Finder (helps you find photos)
  2. Photo Tagger (makes photo sharing easy and allows bulk tagging)

Just in case you are wondering, you will only be able to use the photo finder software on people you are friends with and have photos of.  This software takes face detection a step further and has the ability to recognize the person in the photo because of the information the user supplies through the processing phase.

For me personally, I am excited and a little nervous all at the same time for this app.

Lori Davis, Office Manager and Accounting

New Google Analytics vs. Old Google Analytics

This might not be the most exciting blog topic, but yes indeed, I am going to write about Google Analytics, so for those of you that are not numbers people I am sorry if you are reading this as it could be very boring…NOT for me though.

Google Analytics launched several new features on the new version of its interface. I am most excited about the flow charts addition. Currently there are two flow charts available (visitor flow chart and goal flow chart) both offer a ton of information about your site.  As you can see below, you are now able to see which web pages your web visitors visited after entering your site.

Sample image of a simple goal flow chart

As with most features you can select any number of dimensions and or metrics to filter by. In this image you can see I selected the source and medium for email submission success goal. Instead of just listing the numbers you actually get a good visual representation of these numbers: 2/3 from PPC, and 14/15 provided by Google.

I am excited to delve deeper into these and the other new features that Google has installed to analytics and the Adwords interface. There are too many variables to go into deep detail here, but the changes seem to be extremely versatile and robust that I am sure will be useful to all that take the time to learn.

Darren Davis, Search Marketing Manager