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City Grid Media is Making Directory Management Easier

As you all know when you have a new client or have to update the client’s existing directory listing, you have to go into each individual directory listing and change that information, but that can be a little time consuming.

City Grid Media is making it a lot easier. City Grid Media is one of the largest online directories, they work with more than 200 smaller directories such as; Super Media, Yellow Book and Yellow Pages.

How they are making it easier?  When you enter a client into City Grid Media the information you submit also filters into these smaller directories I just mentioned.

So, if you have to change or add something for your client, such as a new phone number or a change of address, City Grid Media will update your information automatically in the smaller directories as well.

If you use City Grid Media, it will not only save you time, but you will also get results, and Directory Management is all about results.