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Double Your Social Media Content

As the social media director here at Idyllwild Advertising, I know that social media is important.  I live, breathe, and eat social media on my phone, desktop in my office and all around me.  Too often, doing social media can become a pain and very time consuming.  But we all know, deep down inside, that social media is important.  And if we are running a business, we know that we have to do it.  So we might as well figure out how to do more social media in less time and with less effort.

I have come up with a few techniques that have worked well for me and for my clients, and have been proven to produce twice the amount of social media with only half of the effort. In my mind, and as a social media director, higher output on social media generally produces a greater level of engagement, and ENGAGEMENT is key with your followers.

  1. Engage your followers.

Now, when I talk about engagement, I don’t mean simply “favorite” a specific tweet, or a “like” on a specific Facebook or Instagram post/photo. I’m talking about responding to specific questions, talking to your followers, really and truly ENGAGING them in conversation on your different social media accounts.  The brands that do this and that do it well, have a very loyal following.  Any time I have an issue with a product or something I have purchased from a name brand, I immediately go to twitter and post my question and concern.  I usually have a response fairly quickly.  Practice this and start engaging your followers more and you will see a significant bump in your followers.

2.  Collect as you go.  

One of the most important features of posting to social media is also the most time-consuming — finding content to post. Vertical Response has found that the single-most time-consuming factor in social media management is “finding & posting content.”


Create a collection system for content.

The system you choose is totally up to you, but let me provide a suggestion. I use Evernote along with the Evernote Chrome extension. In my Evernote folder, I can create a specific folder for things I want to collect and share later.

 3.  Share it more than once.

Here’s the ultimate hack for less-effort/more-content. Share the same stuff more than once. There’s logic to back up this simple technique. Different people will see your different social media posts, depending on what time you post it. Joe checks his Twitter feed at 8am, but Marie doesn’t check her Twitter feed until her lunch break at 12:30. Joe’s going to see your morning tweet, but maybe not your noon tweet. So why not share the same thing twice? Or why not three times? Or more? Can you get away with this? Absolutely, and there’s nothing cheap about it at all. Garrett Moon discussed how he recycles his posts, and even shows his schedule for doing it.


Moon has had zero complaints, higher interaction, more output, and even the possibility that some of the reshared content could go viral after several takes.

If you share your content more than once, you can get three or four times as much mileage from a single post than you would if you were only to post it once. Obviously, you’d need to jigger it a few times to make it unique each time, but the overall principle is incredibly effort-saving and traffic-increasing.


Increasing your output, engaging your followers, creating a schedule and resharing content, will reduce your time and effort on Social Media.

What ways have you discovered to reduce your social media effort while improving your output?


6 Ways to Woo your Visitors Through Social Media

One of our many services we provide here at Idyllwild Advertising, is managing our clients Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.  Social Media is here to stay folks. More and more traffic is going to be coming to you from these platforms than any form of advertising.  The “Old School” ways of advertising are becoming increasingly more difficult to capture customer leads and sales.  This is where the industry experts like us come in.  Are you ready to catch these leads coming in from your Social Media Campaigns?  Here at Idyllwild Advertising we will make sure you are, and will make sure you understand the ‘Science’ behind posting your content.

When it comes to the content, I am referring to a company blog, a post on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, a picture on Instagram, or a Pin on Pinterest.  You need to have ‘engaging’ and fresh content that will connect with your followers and also attract new ‘Likes’ and followers.  In today’s online selling world, having a website isn’t enough.  Slapping a website together and offering a few ‘Paid Products’ or services doesn’t ensure that you will make money.  Even if your offering is superb, there is still no guarantee that you will generate any income.

Give the VAST number of sites on the web, you will most certainly have competitors. You need to separate yourself from the crowd and the competition to woo your visitors and win them over.  How are you going to do this?  By coming up with new, fresh, funny and creative content. Then by knowing at what time is the best time to post this content. 

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Some of the most popular sites on the web are social sites, so learn how to use them like a Rock Star! Here are 6 ways to woo your visitors through social media.

  1. Timing is EVERYTHINGGGGG- The best time to tweet is typically at noon and 6 p.m. The best time to share an update on Facebook is usually on Saturdays at noon.  Most employers won’t allow their employees to be on Facebook or Twitter while they are work.  So, the first thing they do when they get off work is jump on Facebook and Twitter Follow this Infographic from KISSmetrics to get the most engagement.
  2. Show your personal side- One thing that we take pride in here at Idyllwild, is our ‘Personal’ touch we like to have with all of our clients.  People and your audience desperately want to get to know you and interact with you.  Even if you have a company, they want to know more about the people BEHIND the company.  Sharing personal images of status updates is a great way to build a relationship with your followers.
  3. Don’t be a bot- The biggest mistake I see people make on their social profiles is that they act like bots. They never respond to messages or comments. To get the most out of your social profiles, engage with your followers and fans.
  4. Focus your efforts- It’s impossible for you to be on ever social site. Pick the ones that matter to you and your visitors the most, and focus your energy on them.
  5. Focus on quality, not quanity- Don’t let your Ego get in the way. It’s not about how many followers or friends you have. It’s about how many engaged followers and friends you have. Focus on building a relevant audience as this will drive you more traffic.
  6. Define your purpose- Through your bio or About section on your social profiles, you can talk about your social goals. Let people know in what way you are going to help them.

With some hard work, you too can woo your visitors and win them over.  You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to do it. All you have to do is work hard and really care about your visitors.  How else can you woo your visitors and win them over?

Better ROI with segmented email marketing lists

There are several ways to increase revenue via email marketing, but one that I find is not getting enough attention is targeted emails to segmented lists. Sending the same email to your whole list does not work for everyone and if you find that you have a large group of inactive customers now may be the time to start separating your list. Some companies target by basic information such as:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interest

Still other companies drill down a little deeper:

  • Purchase history
  • Surveys
  • Links customers have clicked on

If you already have lists that have never been segmented, it is not too late. Send a simple newsletter or email with a questionnaire as well as an incentive and voilà you have the information necessary to sort your list. Bottom line is that if a customer is interested, chances are they will make more purchases.

Target your customers based on their interests and you will most definitely increase your ROI.

-Lori Davis, Office Manager and Accounting Really Delivers for Email Marketing Campaigns

A while back I wrote a blog post about a new program that allows you to verify bulk email lists for your email marketing campaigns. Now that I have had the chance to use Bulk Email Verifier, I would like to let you know about my experience.

I could not be happier with this web-based program. The secure online program allowed me to validate large email lists without having to download messy software. The best part is they run the validation/check from their servers so you don’t run the risk of having your IP address blacklisted. You simply upload your lists from Excel, Outlook or other program, click a button, and voila, sit back and wait for a validated list. It is that easy to get your list ready for export.

This program was very user friendly and was a lot quicker than I anticipated. I can’t wait to see my email marketing open rates after this!

-Lori Davis, Office Manager and Accounting

Email Address Authentication

One of the most frustrating things in email marketing, is finding out email addresses are invalid. Not only is it time consuming to weed them out, but it will also affect your reporting statistics. I use a site that allows you to verify an email before adding it to your list, it is called This is a great site and does the job, but can be very time consuming as you can only verify one email address at a time. Not the best option when you have large lists that are always growing.

I am very excited that  has launched Not only can you check email addresses in bulk, but the best part is that you upload the emails on their site, and avoid having to download the software. The verification is a three step process.

  1. Check to see if the email is in the right format
  2. Pings the domain
  3. Checks to see if the local part of the address is valid to the associated domain

The cost is a very affordable $99 – $389 per month.

For those of you with bulk email lists, this tool may be the answer to your prayers.

-Lori Davis, Office Manager and Accounting