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New Google My Business Platform

This is a pretty exciting stuff.  Google FINALLY rolled out the new Google My Business platform.  From Internet marketing industry folks like myself, this update has been long speculated and very much appreciated. Several experts have provided excellent coverage already (thanks, DannySullivan and Mike Blumenthal).

Exact Instructions For 100% Completion:

The greatest update for small business owners is the Business Information Progress Bar. Most of us in the Local SEO niche know exactly what to fill out, but the majority of business owners have no idea how to properly optimize their listing.

Google knew that this was a huge point of confusion, so they added the new Progress Bar and included detailed call-outs to help business owners complete their profiles. All you have to do is mouse over the progress bar, and your specific action items are displayed below in the graphic.

             The Google My Business update is the biggest merchant-facing update Google has ever released for local businesses.  It’s the first time we’ve had a single, forward-facing brand business owners in several years, and Google has worked hard to clear up the massive confusion that was felt in the past.

This is a big, huge change.  Google is trying to streamline and make more coherent the process of managing local business data, reviews and social interactions across it’s many sites.  Google calls it “a free and easy way to find and connect with your people, wherever you are” The company says that existing Google Places and Google+ Pages users will be “automatically upgraded to Google My Business.” Google offers FAQs about the new approach and its features, which all seem to have pre-existed. Simplification is the upgrade here. In many ways this is the integrated product suite anticipated by a 2012 Wall Street Journal article asserting that Google was trying to consolidate and simplify several local-SMB marketing products under a single banner.

Here’s a video from Google on the change: Google My Business: A Visual Tour Of Google’s New Tool For Local Businesses & Brands.

Optimize Your Website For Search:

When building a great business website, keep in mind that many potential customers won’t see your work if they can’t find it. Optimizing your website for search should go hand-in-hand with building an effective website.  Our team at Idyllwild Advertising can help you build and optimize your website.  Contact us today at 801-733-8400 for a chance to review your Internet marketing needs.





New Google Analytics vs. Old Google Analytics

This might not be the most exciting blog topic, but yes indeed, I am going to write about Google Analytics, so for those of you that are not numbers people I am sorry if you are reading this as it could be very boring…NOT for me though.

Google Analytics launched several new features on the new version of its interface. I am most excited about the flow charts addition. Currently there are two flow charts available (visitor flow chart and goal flow chart) both offer a ton of information about your site.  As you can see below, you are now able to see which web pages your web visitors visited after entering your site.

Sample image of a simple goal flow chart

As with most features you can select any number of dimensions and or metrics to filter by. In this image you can see I selected the source and medium for email submission success goal. Instead of just listing the numbers you actually get a good visual representation of these numbers: 2/3 from PPC, and 14/15 provided by Google.

I am excited to delve deeper into these and the other new features that Google has installed to analytics and the Adwords interface. There are too many variables to go into deep detail here, but the changes seem to be extremely versatile and robust that I am sure will be useful to all that take the time to learn.

Darren Davis, Search Marketing Manager