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The Ineffectiveness of Link Building and Spamming Blogs

If you are currently placing random links around the internet on irrelevant blog posts in hopes of improving your page rank… STOP. Link building can be an effective component of SEO when executed properly. However, placing random links on irrelevant pages are as ineffective as drinking water when you’re hungry.

A link building campaign consists of creating quality content to share on other pages relevant to your own industry.  Effective link building comes from providing links to other highly related websites that will actually be of value to their visitors. It’s important to understand the difference between positive link building and negative link building. Stay away from link trading hubs and networks. Reciprocal link building on a small scale can be effective when done with relevant partners that will send you traffic.

Spamming blogs with obvious link building attempts only turns up as spam and will most likely be deleted. At the very least, sign your blog comments with your real name, not spammy words. The idea of commenting on a blog is to contribute to the conversation, not to write “nice article” then post as many links as possible.

Once you have made all the necessary tweaks to your website, you need to remember the link building component of SEO. Websites need to develop strategies to acquire back links to their sites. Placing random links in irrelevant websites won’t get you far. If you are not sure how to properly SEO your website and link building has proven ineffective, it’s time to go with a different strategy.

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