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Yes, Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), I’m talking about you.  In the world of modern internet and technology, IE6 is the virtual gallon of milk that has gone 6 years past its expiration date.  Curdled and foul, it makes you sick just thinking that it hasn’t been thrown out yet.

Similar to rotting dairy products, surfing the web on an outdated browser can be harmful to you; maybe not to your health, but to your online safety and security.  Browser updates are offered to help protect you from security holes that have been discovered in previous versions, as well as make sure you are able to enjoy the latest advances in website technology.  At worst, failing to install those updates can leave you open to a cyber attack (does the term virus ring a bell?), potentially compromising your personal information.  At best, you likely won’t be experiencing the full benefits of the rich content offered by modern websites.

Would you walk around the mall dragging your wallet behind you on a string?  If your answer is no, then do yourself a favor and make sure your browser is up-to-date.  I’ve provided links below to my preferred modern browsers (starting with highest recommendation), designed to keep you safe and provide you the best online experience possible.  Feel free to comment below if you need help finding out which version you’re running or what browser would work best for your needs.

1.  To track the exciting extinction of IE6, visit IE6Countdown.com

2.  To download the latest version of Firefox, my most highly recommended browser, visit the Mozilla website.

3.  For Google Chrome, visit their website.

4.  And if you’re stuck on Internet Explorer, which I don’t recommend, you can at least get the latest version here.

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