Remarketing and Custom Audiences in Facebook

In News by Rob Covington

Remarketing in Facebook allows you to tailor your advertisements specifically for the audience you’re trying to reach. Rather than having your ads re-appear on other sites, they will appear on individuals Facebook pages. Facebook offers the ability to create a “custom audience” using certain snippets of code on pieces of your website. You can create several custom audiences to accomplish different goals with your remarketing efforts. On top of this, you can create what Facebook calls “Lookalike” audiences to catch other people who haven’t necessarily visited your site, but are highly likely to do so based on the custom audiences you created.


The logistics of implementing and tracking can be difficult to understand if you aren’t already familiar with coding and analytics. We’ll spare you our agency jargon and direct you to this extremely well written and informational post by Jon Loomer. He explains different ways you can implement custom audience trackers for specific goals and outcomes.


Remarketing With Idyllwild

More than anything, we wanted to bring your attention to the fact that remarketing is an extremely effective way to reach your audience and gain new customers. The really great news is that if you aren’t feeling the idea of implementing and tracking this all on your own, Idyllwild is here and would be ecstatic to do it for you! It’s what we live for! We love immersing ourselves in analytics and re-working tweaks and changes to get you the best outcomes possible to reach your goals.