About Us

Founded in 2007 by a Google-certified solopreneur and pioneer, Idyllwild Advertising is a woman-owned boutique agency specializing in creating customizable, sustainable engagement and revenue using a variety of tools.

We provide solid guidance and proven positive results in website development, social media marketing and management, brand development and identity, reputation management, banner display, video marketing, programmatic, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

With nearly a century of combined experience, our tight-knit team melds with our long-term, loyal clientele to continuously create outstanding results year after year. Our WIT, “whatever it takes,” attitude means that when our clients need something, whether it be billboards, print, signage, in-house collateral, or whatever, we deftly handle those projects too.

We grow clients in a wide variety of sectors, including healthcare, tourism, building, landscaping, restaurants, manufacturing, and more.

Our Leadership

We are a team of skilled individuals, artists in our fields of expertise.

Michelle Smith

CEO - Lead Strategist

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Erik Harrison

Head of Programming

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Rob Covington

Creative Director

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Stephen Reimann

Project Management - Sound Engineer

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John Freeman

Chief Healthcare Marketing Consultant

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Deena Taylor

Social Media Director

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Renee Wolschon

Accounting Manager


We develop the blueprints for your brand identity, online reputation, and social presence. Everything is custom tailored to represent you in the most expressive way possible. Our experienced team is versatile, talented, and come from various industries. We take pride in our work. Quality is our priority.


As brand consultants, we develop successful, effective brand strategies for clients by doing our homework. We believe it’s imperative to assess all elements of a brand – from public to employee perception, messaging and creative, all the way to marketing distribution channels. We gather data, perform market research, and identify the competition and trends.


We help you get discovered with Organic and Paid Search. We create great ads with our Ad Production Services. We broadcast your great ads to your users with our targeted Banner Display and Video Marketing campaigns. We incorporate Remarketing in your strategies. We help you keep a good flow of communication with your buyers with our Email Marketing Services. We create successful social media marketing strategies. We don’t hold back. Whatever it takes.


Idyllwild’s expertise differs greatly from other brand consultants still relying on unmeasurable mass public appeal. At Idyllwild, we believe in quantifiable results – increasing profitability, analyzing reports, and providing clients with measurable metrics. Quite simply, our team believes that ‘Brand equity’ simply cannot exist without any real equity. Idyllwild takes a holistic approach – developing brand strategies, budgets, and marketing tools which align across the board.

How we work.

1 Discover: We meet and decide if we are a good fit for each other. We analyze your needs and get to know your business.

2 Design: Our creative staff gets to work on strategies, visual concepts and design solutions to meet your needs.

3 Delivery: We put our work to the test. We provide you with reports, make appropriate adjustments, if needed to ensure success.

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