Instagram – A Great Place To Grow Your Brand

In News by Rob Covington

Instagram. The mysterious world of photos, filters, and hashtags. Maybe you’ve never used it, maybe you don’t see the point, or maybe you don’t think it would work for your product. Whatever your reason is, we’re here to tell you that Instagram can be a very effective (and fun!) tool to grow your brand and business.

It’s no secret that visual content – graphics, photos, charts – gets more engagement than any other type of post on social media. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Instagram, which is purely imagery for content, has been branded as the “King of Social Engagement” for brands. Forrester conducted a study and found that user interactions with brands’ posts in Instagram came out to be a whopping 4.21%! Compare that to the engagement you receive on Facebook (.07%) and Twitter (.03%), the two most popular social media platforms, and you’ll start to grasp the significance there.

Instagram - A Great Place To Grow Your Brand


Instagram Isn’t Just For the Big Dogs

Instagram is not just for bigger businesses. You can easily grow your following as a local small business. Look at Waffle Luv, a small business that started out as one solitary food truck located here in Utah.  They have used the platform to showcase not only  their delicious waffles, but their schedules, customers, employees, and company culture. They have over 50k followers.

We can’t express enough how unimportant it is that you have a “visual” product. You can use the platform to build your brand and showcase culture. Don’t worry so much about the product you sell. Sell your people and personalities! Holding a company party? Did someone play a funny prank in the office? Did one of your favorite clients walk through your door today? Is your office pet so adorable that you just “can’t even”? Snap a shot and share that. Connection begets good business.

For a few more ideas on how you can use this social media channel for your business check out Social Media Examiner’s 10 Creative Ways To Use Instagram For Business.

As always, Idyllwild is here for any questions you might have! We’d also be more than happy to help you design and implement a social strategy that utilizes Instagram to your greatest benefit. Drop on in and we’ll chat.