Michelle Smith

CEO – Lead Strategist

What's it like to be both fearless and thoughtful? Ask Michelle Smith, one of the first women to build their own Search Engine Marketing agencies.

Michelle created Idyllwild Advertising in 2007 - the year of the very first iPhone - and even then Michelle already had a clear vision for what digital marketing would become and what could be accomplished by the right company, with top talent and a unique business philosophy.

Michelle's success has come from combining digital marketing smarts with a passion for building relationships between brands and their customers. As Idyllwild CEO, Michelle now leads a multi-million dollar Idyllwild agency and a team of content specialists, developers, and programmers recognized for delivering innovative, effective projects to remarkable companies.

What do you need to be a highly successful woman CEO in the digital marketing world and also a mom, an artist, and a gardening fanatic who loves to make jewelry and explore the mountains with her Australian Shepherds? Be fearless and thoughtful.

Michelle Smith Interview

A: If you really care about clients and exceptional performance, if you truly love and “get” marketing then digital promises endless opportunity. That’s the way I saw it when I started Idyllwild in 2007. Still do. At that time digital marketing was basically in its infancy - hard to imagine but that’s the same year the first iPhone was introduced. Now we all live in a digital world. It’s a world that is constantly changing and that has radically transformed marketing. Successfully guiding my clients and keeping them as leaders on this journey is a mixture of learning, teaching, coaching and plain hard work, but so rewarding and so much fun.