Rob Covington

Creative Director

When Rob was growing up, he loved to show people his latest and greatest drawings. A memorable criticism that he received was, “Very nice! You have a steady hand. You would make a great surgeon.” Confused, he shook his head and replied, “Actually, I think I'll make a great artist.”

Rob sold his first art piece when he was in high school. It was a pen and ink drawing purchased by a hair and nail salon. "It was so amazing to see something that I created with just a calligraphy pen displayed huge on a lit sign." Thirty years later he has continued his love for creating.

Rob graduated from the Academy of Art University majoring in Digital Video Editing and Interactive Digital Media. His studies included: still life and live figure drawing, color theory, typography, art history, photography, storyboarding, object-oriented scripting language, web design, 3D modeling, and animation. His work was selected for the Academy of Art’s Spring Show exhibit and used in their global television commercial. The senior class elected Rob as their Art Director for the group graduation project featuring the California Academy of Science Museum.

When Rob is not creating he spends time gardening. He's on a mission to save the bees!

Rob Covington Interview

A: I'm responsible for all our design needs and the needs of our diverse range of clients. This includes ad campaign concepts, brand identity, website design, photography, print, and motion graphics like videos and animated Google ads.


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